LabNucleon CTS specializes in air and water pollution control. It has well trained team and equipments as well as partnership with secondary test laboratories to conduct air and water quality tests in home office interior and have solutions to remove air or water pollution if detected.

LabNucleon CTS also works in industrial pollution control which includes waste water and waste chemical treatment as well as reduction in hazardous gas emission. It also provides consultancy to the existing factories to conform with the newly introduced govt. regulations regarding pollution control.

This division offers you a wide range of technologies like:

     • photo-oxidation,

     • photo-catalysis

     • biofiltration

     • gas washing

     • electrofiltration

for abating contaminants like: voc




     oil haze

     micro-organisms, humidity... in your emissions.

LabNucleon CTS aims to offer you the best available technology with the lowest investment & running costs.

LabNucleon CTS also provides services or solutions to radiation control and helps implement safety practice to industrial and medical facilities.