LabNucleon CTS offers turnkey solutions of various industrial plants which will require no power from the national grid or natural gas network i.e. the factory will have electricity from its own solar power plant.

Depending on customer needs, custom system can be built by LabNucleon or in partnership with an integrator, with commitment to validation including production of engineering and electrical documents to meet to codes and standards.


     • Optimization of architecture via a critical functional analysis,

     • Development and validation of the system in the factory

     • Regular project reports ensure delivery is on time and budget

Installation and Commissioning

National and world-wide logistics and assistance with commissioning.

Operation and Maintenance     

     • Supply of all operating and maintenance rules, including a      

        maintenance contract proposal if required.

     • Training for operation and maintenance based on standard or

        custom equipment.


Impact analysis, on-site operations, upgrades and productivity enhancements.

Currently LabNucleon CTS offers CFL manufacturing plants based on solar power. Soon it will offer more such industrial plants.

LabNucleon CTS also offers solutions to the environmental issues for the existing factories.