IoT based Smart and Green Interior

Many "invisible" pollution factors can affect your health, like:     

     • micro-particles,

     • volatile compounds,     

     • artificial radiations

     • (50Hz, microwaves)     

     • natural radiations     

     • lack of negative air ions!

that can lead to health problems in private home but also in offices, hospitals, retirement housing...

LabNucleon CTS can perform a full air quality expertise of your home or office in order to identify and quantify the critical pollution factors that may affect your health.

The expertise report suggests adaptations or/and tools intended to alleviate these pollution sources but also to improve your body condition and its recovery during the sleep phase.

This division offers you unique air

     • purification,

     • conditioning,

     • dehumidification,

     • deodorization

technologies for improving the Indoor Air Quality in any kind of sectors: industrial, health, office and private.

Unique properties of most of our systems:

     • high particle and micro-organism abatement via electrofiltration of high

       centrifugal force

     • air revitalisation with negative air ions, what is essential for our health!

LabNucleon CTS also offers IoT based smart and pollution free, energy efficient and safe interior solutions (includes design and constructions) to its clients.