Security & Surveillance

LabNucleon CTS is defining the future as one of the most trusted providers of hard to find surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment to government agencies with innovative products, services and solutions.

LabNucleon CTS has high-end solutions in bioinformatics as well as in robotics. LN provides custom engineering and fabrication for security and surveillance applications. LN expertise and experience includes but is not limited to the areas of:

     Remote Robots with camera surveillance

     Mine sweep EOD Robots (Explosive Ordinance Disposal)

     IED (Improvised Explosive Device ) inspection robots

     Tactical, SWAT robots, Police Robots, Security Robots

     HAZMAT robots for monitoring radiation and/or toxic airborne gasses

     Our robots are All Terrain Robots

     Tread Driven and Stair Climbing Robots

     3-Axis, 4-Axis, 5-Axis, 6-Axis Arms with large degrees of freedom           Unmanned Autonomous Video and Audio Surveillance

     Night Vision Surveillance

     Water Proof submersible robots

     PA systems for hostage negotiations

     Multi channel security cameras

     Advanced camera surveillance options

     Scissor lifts up to 7 feet, 360+ pan and tilt systems, camera boom arms, etc.